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Career Opportunities

We value intelligence and an honest work ethic. If you're bright and willing to continue learning throughout your career, we offer a small-team environment where you can make a difference and grow with the company. Your skills and motivation are the only factors which will limit the growth opportunities available to you at EZ Dupe. 

If you are ready to boost your career, and then apply for one of our current career opportunities below by sending your cover letter and resume to

The work environment at EZ Dupe:

EZ Dupe’s offers the opportunity for people like you to find a challenging and rewarding work environment with our close-knit, crossing functioning team help you learn and grow your career.

So, EZ Dupe adheres to a simple philosophy: Full time employees are expected to give the company 40 honest hours of work each week, no more, no less. Put in honest, thoughtful time while at the office, and spend the rest of the week with your family and personal passions. 

Extra Information for Sales Positions:

We're looking for strong Top Gun Salesperson (Who isn't?) But what does that really mean in practice? We measure all employees and especially salesperson in two different ways: 

1) We look at each individual's current skills and performance. 

2) We look at each individual's potential for growth. 

We give more weight to each individual's potential for growth. We know that the products and technologies that we work with change rapidly, and good employees will be with the company through many generations of products and technologies. Given that, it's more important to ensure that the people we hire in sales positions are able to grow and adapt as the products and problems change. 

Do you like problem solving, and are you good at it? Do you like working on new and challenging problems on a regular basis? If the answers are "yes", then EZ Dupe may be a very good place for you. 

There is another thing which is different about EZ Dupe. We believe that doing things right pays off in the long term much, much more than doing things quickly. Project schedules are dictated by how long it takes to get a product done well, rather than artificial deadlines imposed by upper management. EZ Dupe has built a great reputation based on quality. How long has it been since you worked in an environment where quality really mattered? 

Sales/Marketing/Webprogramer students Interns

Did you start Sales/Marketing/Webprogramer in high school (or earlier)? 

Is Sales/Marketing/Webprogramer a passion/hobby for you as well as a career? If so, and if you have Sales/Marketing/Webprogramer for at least one year, then we would like to hear from you. 

EZ Dupe has open door opportunity for students who are seeking internship whether it is for academic credits, or personal goals. EZ Dupe offers the opportunity for interns to learn and acquire news skills while being an intern with EZ Dupe. We want your internship to be successful and we will reward you with a recommendation letter for your future job search.
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