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Our Technology

  1. ISO Drag-and-Drop

Never before has it been this easy to transfer ISO image file directly from a computer to the duplicator built-in hard drive. With EZ Dupe ISO series Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator, just a click of mouse can drag-and-drop any ISO image file from a computer into duplicator built-in hard drive though USB3.0 connection. No special software or application required. Never worry about upgrading your computer OS or making a master disc before duplication.

  1. Dynamic HDD Partition (DHP) Technology

Before, a DVD disc was automatically assigned with a partition space of 5GB on hard drive, regardless of the actual content size of the DVD. With DHP technology, hard drive partition creation is based on the size of each file, ensuring that no hard drive space is wasted. A DVD disc with 2.5GB content, for example, will be only assigned 3GB of partition space on the hard drive, saving 2GB space on hard drive compared to the old technology.

  1. True Asynchronous Copy

Many duplicators on the market can only copy synchronously, forcing you wait for the current batch of duplication process to finish before you can add more flash or hard drives. Others allow asynchronous copy only if the size of copied content is smaller than duplicator controller memory size of 256MB maximum. The capacity of flash or hard drives in today’s market far exceeds 256MB, rendering such asynchronous copy duplicators impractical. With our own SOTA technology, EZ Dupe USB duplicators, CF/SD/micro SD duplicators, and hard drive duplicators all can duplicate asynchronously no matter the size of copied content, significantly improving the efficiency of duplication Perfect for mass production in various industries!

  1. Multi-Session and Disc Spanning Technology

Media Mirror and Media Mirror Plus Duplicator are the only computer-free duplicators that can transfer data from erasable media, such as USB drive and flash memory cards, to standardized Blu-ray/DVD/CD disc. Multi-Session technology allows multiple memory cards or USB devices to be placed onto one Blu-ray/DVD/CD disc, further easing the work of data collecting.

Disc Spanning allows larger memory card and USB device with contents exceeding the capacity of a single Blu-ray/DVD/CD disc to be placed onto the appropriate number of discs. Backup of large data contents is no longer complicated.

  1. Data Appending Technology

When most duplicators back up one flash memory card, the original data content on the target will be erased normally. No further information could be stored even on a target flash memory card with plenty of space without erasing the original content. Media Mirror Plus Duplicator solves this issue with Data Appending technology, making it possible to append new data from one flash memory card to another without erasing the original data contents on the target. Now you can store files from multiple flash memory cards to a single card, saving you the hassle of carrying multiple cards.

  1. Write Blocker

For digital forensic investigation, the suspect’s hard drive is critical for evidence collection and normally would be backed up for analysis by a forensic duplicator. With Write Blocker technology, EZ Dupe Forensic Duplicator can block any modification to the source hard drive when it is connected to a computer through USB3.0 port while enabling the source hard drive to be read. The integrity of evidence can now easily be preserved.

  1. Hard Drive Sanitization

Sanitizing hard drive is very important to the government and many other organizations before the hard drive is discarded. EZ Dupe Hard Drive Duplicators provide many methods of sanitization compliant with industry standards, including Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase, and Secure Erase. No need to worry about data leakage or recovery when the hard drive is sanitized by EZ Dupe Hard Drive Duplicators.

  1. Multi-Tasking Technology

All of EZ Dupe duplicators have implemented parallel processing with Multi-Tasking technology to ensure a constant high duplication speed even when the number of targets increased. No matter how many targets are connected, EZ Dupe duplicators perform consistently at a high speed of duplication.

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