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CompactFlash (CF) / MicroDrive Duplicator

EZ Dupe proudly presents the Pantera CF card / MicroDrive duplicator system!

CF duplicators Pantera series can copy CompactFlash drives and MicroDrive storage memory.  Best CF drive compatibility on the market with compact designed. 

The newest features of Pantera series duplication units include more professional functions such as two new copy modes: Partitioned area copy, which allows you to copy partitioned area of the flash memory. Percentage copy, which allows users to set starting point of the copy and the end point.

Other exciting additions include an extra DoD compliant erase mode. The original 3-pass DoD erase mode which satisfy 5220.22-M data security standard of Department of Justice. Now comes the 7-pass erase function which comply with 5220.22-M ECE data security standard. 

Premium Compact Flash CF duplicators copy and test popular memory cards without a computer or software.

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