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EZ Dupe 1 to 9 SATA Hard Drive / SSD Duplicator & Sanitizer - HD Leopardo HDD Cloner 18GB/Min
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EZ Dupe, Inc.

EZ Dupe 1 to 9 SATA Hard Drive / SSD Duplicator & Sanitizer - HD Leopardo HDD Cloner 18GB/Min

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EZ Dupe proudly presents Leopardo series to the newest line to our Hard Drive Disk (HDD) Duplication family.

With 300MB per second copy speed, 4 different types of Copy Modes and 7 Different Erase Modes, Leopardo Hard Drive Duplicator series sets a new standard in HDD duplication for 2.5" & 3.5" SATA Hard Drives! 

The newest features of Leopardo series duplication units include an upgraded professional functions such as two new copy modes: Partitioned area copy, which allows you to copy partitioned area of the hard drive disk. Percentage copy, which allows users to set starting point of the copy and the end point.

Other exciting additions include an extra DoD compliant erase mode. The original 3-pass DoD erase mode which satisfy 5220.22-M data security standard of Department of Justice. Now comes the 7-pass erase function which comply with 5220.22-M ECE data security standard. 

EZ Dupe’s HD Leopardo Hard Drive Duplicator / Sanitizer with duplication speeds up to 300MB/s. It will produce an exact copy of HDD/ SSD drives, including partition and boot sector data. 

As always, the duplicator is tray-less as you can simply insert the Hard Drive on the appropriate portion on each slot. There is a separate connection in the same slot for 3.5" Hard Drive and a slot for 2.5" Hard Drive (SSD can be inserted on 2.5" portion).

These hard drive duplicators are superb problem solvers for business, education & government where duplicating / erasing existing hard drive data needs to be accomplished in minimal time with the highest reliability.

* Easy-to-use One-Touch copy operation
* Up to 9 Hard Drives Copy at speed up to 300 MB/sec or 18GB/Min per slot (max speed depends on the Hard Drive)

* Tray-less Slot: Supports both 3.5"/2.5" Hard Drive Disk and Solid State Drive without an adapter
* Two New Copy
 Functions: All Partitioned Copy & Percentage (set a start & end point copy)
* Intelligent Copy mode to copy System and Files only, There is no need to copy the entire HDD/ SSD and allow you to do more in less time!  

Full Copy mode to copy the HDD/ SSD bit by bit(sector by sector)

DoD 5220.22-M compliant erase function permanently deletes sensitive data as an eraser
* Allows measuring the actual Read and Write speed of the target hard drives* Capacity Check to verify the HDD / SSD capacity.
* Standalone system; no computer required
* Support all file formats, file size and drive capacity
* Support MBR & GPT partitioning schemes and copy device capacity more than 2TB (unlimited) as well as a single file larger than 4GB.  The advanced format (4K) is also supported.
* Allows to set up a password for system boot-up to prevent unauthorized use.

* Firmware upgradeable.

* 1 Year warranty for parts and labor.

* Free lifetime technical support with toll-free phone number provided.

Copy Modes & Erase Modes

Copy Modes:

Whole media copy - Comprehensive (Full Copy)

Whole Media copy will copy the entire Hard Drives regardless of whether it has been partitioned or not. Longer Duplication Time is expected for full copy.

System and Files Copy – Intelligent Copy (Quick Copy)

System and Files Copy copies only stored system and files data, not unused space area. Intelligent Copies that duplicates essential files in the Hard Drives to save time.

Example: Partition 1 has a capacity of 158GB with 58GB of data in it. Only 58GB of data will be copied while unused space area will not be copied. 


All Partitioned Copy - Copy Partitioned Area Only

Example: a 600GB HDD has two partitions.

Partition 1 with 158GB and Partition 2 with 200GB. While All Partition Copy mode is selected, these two partitions will be copied and the undefined area will not be copied


Percentage Copy - Setting up a starting point and end point

When the file system of a Hard Drive is undefined, Percentage Copy can be used by setting up the starting and ending point of data to copy.

Erase Modes

Quick Erase - Essential Files

Erase the index of a Hard Drive within a few seconds.

Full erase - Entire Drive

Erase the data from a Hard Drive by overwriting each sector which is able to read/write data.

3-Pass DoD

Erase Hard Drive 3 times complying with the 5220.22-M data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense.

7-Pass DoD

Erase Hard Drive 7 times complying with the 5220.22-M ECE data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure the data is unable to be recovered.

Secure Erase

The Secure Erase Mode is approved by N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standard Technology) SP 800-88 for data sanitization solution that most lessens the risk to confidentiality while respecting any other constraints involved.

Enhanced erase NIST EZ Dupe HD PAL Pro

Enhanced SSD Erase

The Enhance SSD Erase Mode is approved by N.IS.T. for overwriting predetermined data patterns, data area including sectors that are no longer in use due to allocation. It erases data by using SSD's built-in ATA command.

HPA Erase for HD Cyclone 300 EZ Dupe Hard Drive Duplicator

Erase HPA area

Remove the HPA (Hidden Partition Area) and free up space



Operating Type Stand Alone (No PC Required)
Internal Interface SATA (Serial ATA) I, II, III
Number of Copies
Up to 9 HDD Copies
Display Back-lit LCD
Transfer Speed Up to 300MB/Sec or 18GB/Min (max speed varied depending on HDD speed) 
Control Button
4 Push Buttons
Supported HDD
3.5"/2.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive
Copy Mode
  • System and Files (Quick Copy)
  • Whole HDD (Full Copy)
  • All Partitioned Copy - Partitioned area only
  • *Percentage Copy - Set up Starting & End point copy
    *New Feature exclusive to EZ Dupe
    Supported File system for Quick Copy
    Window: exFAT, FAT16/32, NTFS 
    Linux: EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4
    Mac OS: HFS, HFS+, HFSX
    Erase Modes
    Full Erase - Whole Media
    Quick Erase - Essential Files
    DoD 3-pass - 3 times erase in 5220.22-M standard
    DoD 7-pass - 7 times erase in 5220.22-M ECE standard
    Secure Erase
    Enhanced SSD Erase
    HPA Erase
    HDD Capacity Limit
    No Limitation
    Power Requirement
    12V, 3A
    Storage Temperature
    5°C ~ 45°C
    Operating Temperature
    -20°C ~ 85°C
    Storage Humidity
    20% ~ 80%
    Operating Humidity
    5% ~ 95%
    FCC, CE
    Gross Weight
    54 lbs
    Package Dimensions
    16 x 23 x 30"
    Adobe Acrobat Reader required to open.

    To download a manual just right-click on the name and select "Save As..."


    To download a Spec-Sheet just right-click on the name and select "Save As..."


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