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EZ Dupe 1 to 7 eUSB Duplicator - Embedded USB Memory Cloner & DoD Eraser (EZDEUSB7T)
EZ Dupe, Inc.

EZ Dupe 1 to 7 eUSB Duplicator - Embedded USB Memory Cloner & DoD Eraser (EZDEUSB7T)

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EZ Dupe proudly presents the greatest media back up solutions for one of the newest storage for high end computers that needs small hard drive space... the embedded USB!

New eUSB duplicators easily and reliably create multiple copies of your eUSB (embedded USB) storage devices without a computer.

Our eUSB duplicators features Asynchronous copy. This copying feature allows each channel to function independently and copies directly from 128MB of built-in memory so there is no need to start and end a copy cycle at the same time.

EZ Dupe eUSB Duplicator

Vertical mounted Embedded USB are recommended. Horizontal mounts be be use for certain size that does obstruct the slot.

Our eUSB duplicator can easily and reliably create multiple copies of your eUSB cards without a computer or cumbersome software. Each eUSB channel has dedicated copy throughput of 35MB per second.

EZ Dupe eUSB Embedded USB Duplicator

Source Analysis feature can identify the content on the master and intelligently copy only the data to speed up copy cycle. Fast, reliable, convenient, eUSB duplicators help you to get more done in less time!

The eUSB duplicator has 2 different types of Copy Modes and 4 Different Erase Modes. 

eUSB duplicator features user friendly 4-key control panel with LCD, high speed Embedded USB duplication and bit-by-bit Compare function to confirm successful copies. Only carefully selected and tested materials are employed in EZ Dupe's professional line of eUSB duplicator.  

  • * Standalone solution; no PC or software is needed
  • * Copy Speed up to 35MB per Second (Max Speed depends on the eUSB drives)
  • * Multiple copy modes with fast copy (data only) and whole capacity copy
  • Full copy mode to copy the USB drive bit by bit
  • * Increased eUSB ports for more output of eUSB drive duplication
  • Support all file formats, file size and card/drive capacity
  • Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes, the duplicator will start copy right away once the targets inserted, you don't have to wait for each port to start at the same time 
  • * DoD compliant erase function permanently deletes sensitive data
  • * Unique Source Analysis feature
  • * Easy to use, cost-effective to operate
  • * Real-time display of detailed information
  • * No warm-up or cool-down required
  • * Light weight, heavy-duty, durable construction
  • * User friendly ergonomic, portable design makes daily tasks easier
  • Operating Type
    Stand Alone
    Internal Interface
    Embedded USB (eUSB)
    Number of Copies Up to 7 Embedded USB (eUSB) copies
    Supported Media
    Transfer Speed
    Up to 35MB per Second (max speed depends on eUSB)
    Format Modes
    FAT32 - For SD over 2GB but less than 32GB
    exFAT - For SD over 32GB
    Compare Modes
    Compare: compare the copied target devices against the source for accuracy

    Copy + Compare: allows duplicator to start Copy process first, then follow with "Compare" process immediately.
    Types of Copy
    Synchronous or Asynchronous
    Copy Area
    Full Copy - Whole Media
    Quick Copy - Essential Files
    Format Supported on Quick Copy
    Window: exFAT, FAT16/32, NTFS 
    Linux: EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4
    Mac OS: HFS, HFS+, HFSX
    Erase Modes
    Full Erase - Whole Media
    Quick Erase - Essential Files
    DoD 3-pass - 3 times erase in 5220.22-M standard
    DoD 7-pass - 7 times erase in 5220.22-M ECE standard
    System Memory
    Power Requirement
    115V - 230V
    Operating Temperature
    41°F - 122°F
    Operating Humidity
    15% - 90%
    Gross Weight
    12 lbs
    Package Dimensions
    14 x 10 x 10"
    Adobe Acrobat Reader required to open.

    To download a manual just right-click on the name and select "Save As..."


    To download a Spec-Sheet just right-click on the name and select "Save As..."

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