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EZ Dupe 1 to 9 NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 - M.2 PCie NVMe / M2 SATA SSD & Hard Drive Duplicator & Sanitizer 18GB/Min
EZ Dupe 1 to 9 NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 - M.2 PCie NVMe / M2 SATA SSD & Hard Drive Duplicator & Sanitizer 18GB/Min
EZ Dupe 1 to 9 NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 - M.2 PCie NVMe / M2 SATA SSD & Hard Drive Duplicator & Sanitizer 18GB/Min
EZ Dupe, Inc.

EZ Dupe 1 to 9 NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 - M.2 PCie NVMe / M2 SATA SSD & Hard Drive Duplicator & Sanitizer 18GB/Min

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With flash media evolving worldwide, so has the need for duplication for such medias.  The latest being the next generation of smaller storage on computers and mobile devices. As such so has EZ Dupe in revolutionizing the M.2 NVMe market!

EZ Dupe proudly presents our newest entry to the high tech industry duplication services. The NVMe Cyclone Pro series! 

The NVMe Cyclone comes in two duplication copy sizes (up to 4 or 9) and two separate speed (300MB/sec and 600MB/sec). Each of the 4 variations will be in two series in standard (for PCIe NVMe & SATA NVMe) and Pro (PCIe NVMe, SATA NVMe, & SATA interfaced Hard Drive Disks). Total of 4 NVMe Cyclone and 4 NVMe Cyclone Pro duplicators will be in the market.

EZ Dupe Cyclone Pro  duplicator is a specially designed architecture to support M.2 NVMe, M.2 SATA SSD, and SATA interfaced Hard Drive connections. This PCIe M.2 SSD duplicator fits for enterprise applications and digital computing devices. 

Copy information onto multiple drive formats simultaneously with the 1 to 9 M.2 PCIe NVMe / SATA SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer from EZ Dupe. Designed to deploy files across multiple M.2-based drives efficiently, this duplicator gives you the ability to copy up to Nine M.2 NVMe solid-state drives simultaneously with a single press of a button.

This duplicator is ideal for enterprise-level tech professionals who need to image several computers, backup files, and fully erase drives with ease.

Easy to Use

This duplicator can be used with a computer or standalone, allowing you to use disk-to-disk duplication or copy without the need for additional software.

PCIe NVME M.2 SATA SSD Duplicator EZ Dupe

Easily copy, erase, and format multiple M.2 NVMe drives simultaneously with the press of a button. If needed, quick, full and custom erase functionality is also available, enabling you to efficiently factory reset your drives.

EZ Dupe NVMe M.2 Cyclone Pro Duplicator and Eraser

NVMe Cyclone Pro integrated SATA connections to the NVMe Cyclone series for 2.5" & 3.5" Hard Drive Disks (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD). The pro series also offers a seamlessly crossover integrations between SATA and M.2 NVMe connections. 

NVMe Cyclone Pro automatically detect NVMe and/or SATA connections to copy from one interface to a different interface connection:

  • M.2 NVMe to M.2 NVMe
  • M.2 NVMe to HDD/SSD (SATA)
  • HDD/SSD (SATA) to M.2 NVMe

Optimal Compatibility

Create copies quickly with data transfer rates up to 18GB per minute or 300MB per second, giving you quick and efficient duplication across M.2 drives. This duplicator supports different interfaces including M.2 NVMe, B Keys, M Keys, and B + M Key drives.  It will accept 22mm wide keys (M, B, and B+M).

PCIe M.2 NVME SATA SSD Duplicator EZ Dupe

While these formats are supported, copying is only possible between devices that share the same format. Additionally, lower speed solid-state and hard-disk drives can be filtered out with setup for higher copying efficiency.

Menu setting in the NVMe Cyclone Pro allows users to decide on either to ban stalled NVMe (default setting) or slow disks progress from continuing, so the remaining NVMe may proceed in duplication at the new maximum copying speed.

Independent Channel on each slot

ez dupe hdd duplicator m.2 nvme cyclone

Each slot has its own independent bandwidth with the max copy speed set at the slowest speed of the M.2 NVMe. When a bad M.2 NVMe stalled during the duplication copy process, the duplicator will automatically reject the stalled M.2 NVMe and the max copy speed will increase for the remaining copy slots.

The NMVe Cyclone Pro have an added feature of rejecting slower M.2 / HDD to increase the copying speed for the other channels. Feature of this function can be adjust in the menu settings.

Event Log File

Log File EZ Dupe duplicator HDD NVMe M.2

Download your Event Log File to one of the drive to confirm the status of each job function employ by the NVMe Cyclone. Event Log file's information includes: status of the job function, date/time stamp, and the drive's identification numbers.

Efficiently Designed

The user-friendly design creates easy access for host and target drives, producing an ergonomic feel and making tasks easier to complete. The durable construction is built for long-lasting daily operation, keeping your production moving along efficiently.

  • * Ultra-fast duplication speed up to 18 GB/min for each destination slots
  • * Up to 9 copies of either M.2 NVMe SSD or SATA interfaced Hard Drive Disks
  • * Crossover Interface duplication allows duplication between M.2 NVMe connections and Hard Drive Disk's SATA connections
  • * Three New Copy Functions: All Partitioned Copy, Non-Zero copy (for proprietary system to exclude "zero area" data for copies) & Percentage Copy (set the end point to copy from 0% starting point) 
  • * Intelligent Copy mode to copy System and Files only, There is no need to copy the entire M.2 NVMe and allow you to do more in less time! 
  • Full Copy mode to copy the M.2 NVMe bit by bit (sector by sector)
  • * Daisy-chain allows multiple NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 units for multiple copies from 1 source slot to multiple NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 units (Connect up to max of 255 units) 
  • DoD 5220.22-M compliant erase function permanently deletes sensitive data as an eraser
  • Quality Check tests for bad sector and capacity threshold 
  • * Capacity Check to verify the M.2 NVMe capacity 
  • * Allows measuring the actual Read and Write speed of the target hard drives
  • * Downloadable Event Log File for job completed function, time/date stamp, drives' ID# information can be download to the first destination slot
  • * Support all file formats, file size and drive capacity
  • * Rack Dividers for each SATA Hard Drive Disks slot; adjustable for 2 positions
  • * Support MBR & GPT partitioning schemes and copy device capacity more than 2TB (unlimited) as well as a single file larger than 4GB.  The advanced format (4K) is also supported
  • * Allows to set up a password for system boot-up to prevent unauthorized use
  • * Intelligent copy across different interfaces. Support PCIe NVMe (M.2) SSD, M.2 SATA, SATA SSD(optional adapter) duplication
  • Lower speed and stalled M.2 NVMe / SATA HDD can be filtered out with setup for higher copy efficiency
  • * OS system files supported: Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • * Standalone system; no computer, software or host required
  • * 1 Year warranty with lifetime support
  • Features, Copy Modes & Erase Modes


    Mounts for M.2 NVMe and Rack for SATA Hard Drives 

    The NVMe Cyclone Pro offers different setup and configurations for the SATA Hard Drives. The Rack can be adjusted and setup.  Ideal and created for utilizing space in your duplication area as there is a divider for each slot.

    The duplicator can be lower for parallel mount to the M.2 NVMe flatbed area or the rack can be raised higher in a tower formation.

    Bi-Directional Duplication between M.2 NVMe and SATA Hard Drives 

    Bi-Directional Crossover duplication can be accessed between the different interface of SATA hard drive disks (HDD) to M.2 NVMe, or vice versa.

    The NVMe Cyclone Pro automatically detect NVMe and/or SATA signals to easily copy devices from one interface to another, such as:

    • M.2 (SATA) to M.2 (NVMe)
    • M.2 (NVMe) to HDD/SSD (SATA)
    • HDD/SSD (SATA) to M.2 (NVMe)

    M.2 NVMe / M.2 SATA SSD connections

    The NVMe duplication area can be inserted on the flatbed mount area of the duplicator. 22mm sized module of B-Key, M-Key, and B+M Key are all accepted. The length size of 2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280 keys can be inserted on each of the designated area with rubber stopper on the bottom for the longest key to prevent over-insertion.


    Daisy-Chain Cyclone Pro 

    Daisy Chain your NVMe Cyclone Pro to another NVMe Cyclone Pro!

    Important Note: You can connect multiple NVMe Cyclone Pro together to increase the amount of the duplication copies at the same time from one source slot of the duplicator. Daisy-Chain up to maximum of 128 NVMe Cyclone Pro 600 together from one source to max slot copies of  2294.

    Please note in that it needs to be in same models (ie NVMe Cyclone Pro 300 to NVMe Cyclone Pro 300.... or NVMe Cyclone Pro 600 to NVMe Cyclone Pro 600). It cannot mix different speed of NVMe Cyclone Pro.

    Downloadable Event Log File

    Download the Event Log File to one drive for the detailed information of the completed function. The event log file would include the detailed type of job function, time/stamp of the completed job function, and the Identification number of the drive.

    Purchase the Log File Printer to connect the NVMe Cyclone Pro to get the printed detail events of each job function. (Coming soon)


    Quality Check

    Check for bad sector, storage capacity or speed. Use this enhanced function to determine if the M.2 NVMe modules are in optimal condition for your installation.

    H3 Read Test
    H5 Read/Write Test
    H6 Cyclic Unused Area Write/Read Test
    H7 Fake Card Test

    9 Testing Criteria

    • Test range
    • Bad sector ratio
    • Read speed threshold
    • Write speed threshold
    • Storage Size Capacity threshold
    • Format type
    • Power off times
    • Power off duration
    • Execution cycles

    4 Testing Results

    • Bad sector quantity
    • Tested capacity
    • Average read speed
    • Average write speed

    Copy Modes & Erase Modes

    Copy Modes:

    Whole media copy - Comprehensive (Full Copy)

    Whole Media copy will copy the entire M.2 NVMe drives regardless of whether it has been partitioned or not. Longer Duplication Time is expected for full copy.

    System and Files Copy – Intelligent Copy (Quick Copy) 

    System and Files Copy copies only stored system and files data, not unused space area. Intelligent Copies that duplicates essential files in the M.2 NVMe drives to save time.

    Example: Partition 1 has a capacity of 158GB with 58GB of data in it. Only 58GB of data will be copied while unused space area will not be copied. 


    All Partitioned Copy - Copy Partitioned Area Only 

    Example: a 600GB M.2 NVMe has two partitions.

    Partition 1 with 158GB and Partition 2 with 200GB. While All Partition Copy mode is selected, these two partitions will be copied and the undefined area will not be copied


    Percentage Copy - Setting up a starting point and end point

    When the file system of a M.2 NVMe drive is undefined, Percentage Copy can be used by setting up the ending point of data to copy from the starting point of 0%.

    Non-Zero Copy - Excludes "zero"data area for proprietary sytems

    For unknown or proprietary systems, Non-Zero Copy mode can be utilize to exclude "zero" data area for rapid and efficient copy for M.2 modules that contain proprietary system files such as SGI, BOS, and many other different operating systems.

    Erase Modes

    Quick Erase - Essential Files

    Erase the index of a M.2 NVMe drive within a few seconds.

    Full erase - Entire Drive

    Erase the data from a M.2 NVMe module by overwriting each sector which is able to read/write data.

    3-Pass DoD

    Erase M.2 NVMe module 3 times complying with the 5220.22-M data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense.

    7-Pass DoD

    Erase M.2 NVMe module 7 times complying with the 5220.22-M ECE data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure the data is unable to be recovered.

    Secure Erase 

    The Secure Erase Mode is approved by N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standard Technology) SP 800-88 for data sanitization solution that most lessens the risk to confidentiality while respecting any other constraints involved.

    Enhanced erase NIST EZ Dupe HD PAL Pro

    Enhanced SSD Erase 

    The Enhance SSD Erase Mode is approved by N.IS.T. for overwriting predetermined data patterns, data area including sectors that are no longer in use due to allocation. It erases data by using internal M.2 SSD's built-in ATA command.

    HPA Erase for HD Cyclone 300 EZ Dupe Hard Drive Duplicator

    Erase HPA area 

    Remove the HPA (Hidden Partition Area) and free up space

    DCO area removal - EZ Dupe HD Cyclone 300 hard drive duplicator

    Erase DCO area 

    Remove the DCO (Device Configuration Overlay) partition



    Operating Type Stand-alone Disk-to-Disk duplication
    Number of Copies
    Up to 9 copies of M.2 PCIe NVMe or M.2 SATA SSD, SATA Interfaced Hard Drive Disks (3.5" or 2.5")
    Transfer Speed
    18GB/min (max speed depends M. 2 NVMe or M.2 SATA Internal SSD)
    Copy Mode
    • System and Files (Quick Copy)
    • Whole HDD (Full Copy)
    • All Partitioned Copy - Partitioned area only
    • *Percentage Copy - Set up Starting & End point copy
    • *Non-Zero Copy - For proprietary systems such as SGI, BOS, and other unknown formats can be quick copy in the "Non Zero" copy mode to exclude any "zero" data area for rapid and efficient duplication
      *New Feature exclusive to EZ Dupe
      Format Supported on Quick Copy
      Window: exFAT, FAT16/32, NTFS 
      Linux: EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4
      Mac OS: HFS, HFS+, HFSX

      ※Other formats can be copied using the "Whole media" function
      Erase Mode
      Full Erase - Whole Media
      Quick Erase - Essential Files
      DoD 3-pass - 3 times erase in 5220.22-M standard
      DoD 7-pass - 7 times erase in 5220.22-M ECE standard
      Secure Erase
      Enhanced SSD Erase
      HPA Erase
      DCO Erase
      Supported Storage
      M.2 PCie NVMe / M.2 SATA 

      22mm wide keys
      • 2230
      • 2242
      • 2260
      • 2280

      Key Types

      1. NGFF (M.2) B key
      2. M key
      3. B + M key

      SATA Slot (Top Slots)

      • 2.5" or 3.5" Hard Drive / SSD (up to 5V per slot)
        Language Support
        Power Requirement
        115V - 230V
        Storage Temperature
        4°C ~ 85°C
        Operating Temperature
        32°F - 140°F
        Storage Humidity
        20% ~ 80%
        Operating Humidity
        15% ~ 95%
        14 lbs
        24 x 11 x 14"
        FCC, CE, UL
        To download a manual just right-click on the name and select "Save As..."

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